Rental market

A special feature of the Swiss housing market is the huge proportion of tenants. This means that the majority of the Swiss live in  rented apartment or rented house. In recent years only 39% of apartments / houses are occupied by the owners. This ratio is in some cases significantly higher in other EU countries.

From the above, it can be easily understood that the purchase and rental of real estate in Switzerland is a lucrative and secure business. Not only the value of property is increasing with high probability, the leasing of real estate is quite easy due to high demand. The disadvantage is that the laws for the protection of tenants greatly favours them. Even a tenant who can not or does not want to pay the rent is very difficult  to remove from the apartment. A sufficiently good reference of the tenant is indispensable. A collection Procedures register output provides further protection.


Property market

The real estate market in Switzerland, like most real estate markets in industrialized countries, shows a continuous increase in value. Condominium prices increased by 4.6% in the year 2016. Apart from a dent in the 1990s (in which a correction of overheating property prices coincided with an economic recession), real estate price index has shown continuous growth rates for over 30 years. However, even in the years of the housing crisis, the price trend showed an average decrease of only -2.6%. Various measures taken by banks and cantons prevent the formation of pronounced bubbles such as in the USA. The capital requirements and portability requirements of the banks are very high, so foreclosures are very rare in Switzerland. The cantons dampen property speculation by means of massive property gains taxes.
Since 2002, the agreement on the free movement of people with Switzerland was applied to the EU, there has been increased immigration of EU citizens to Switzerland. For 10 years, Switzerland has experienced an increase of more than 1% in population. The population increase is always been positive exept 1976. Building space is limited in Switzerland, for the approximately 8 million inhabitants only about 230,000 hectares of building area is available. This is only about 300 m² per inhabitant (about 0.6 million inhabitants live outside the building zone). Thus, an increase in real estate that can keep up with the population growth is hardly possible and this has resulted in an ever increasing demand for housing.
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